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Field Trips - Here are links to many of the field trips taken with the lab and classes

Colgate Camp - I take my Global Change & YOU! course to Colgate Camp in the Fall to learn about sustainability and to hike around an local ecosystem.

Costa Rica Extended Study - I teach Tropical Ecology and then the class to Costa Rica for a three week extended study. The course stays at four established field sites where students will conduct field work: lowland rainforest (La Selva Biological Station), upper montane oak forest (Cuericí, with a stop at a Paramo-bog), coastal wet forest (Cabo Blanco), and finally premontane cloud forest (Monteverde). 

Costa Rica Research - Each summer students conduct research in Costa Rica on canopy community and0 ecosystem function.

Ethiopia - I conduct research in northern Ethiopia where I study the biodiversity and ecosystem function of the sacred forests of the Ethiopian Tewahido Orthodox Church.

India - I have been to India twice, October 2009 and in January 2012. In 2009 I went to a conference and met with potential collaborators. In 2012, Colgate funded a trip of 27 Colgate Faculty from across the disciplines went to India strengthen the Core Curriculum. 

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