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Costa Rica Extended Study

Tropical Ecology, Bio 332 & 332E, MW 1:20-2:35pm

This course addresses tropical ecology starting with the discoveries and theories of early explorers like Humboldt to modern theories of biogeography of species richness. We will also learn about the human impacts on tropical diversity and the sustainability of tropical ecosystems. We will use seminal papers as our reading and discuss questions that are still debated by tropical ecologists, namely: why are the tropics so diverse, how is this diversity maintained, how do communities respond to disturbance, how will global warming affect communities and species richness. During this course students will design experiments and write proposals on field projects that will be executed during the extended study portion of the course which is required. The 1/2-credit extended study course will be a three-week trip to Costa Rica, Central America, where students will visit some of the ecosystems studied in the course. The field component will include field work, multiple group projects, lab write-ups and presentations.

The extended study portion of the Tropical Ecology Course will put the you in the tropical ecosystems studied during the lecture. We will stay in and study tropical lowland rainforest, montane cloud forest and lowland dry forest and visit Mangrove Swamp, secondary forest and a high elevation tropical bog in Costa Rica, Central America.  In each study site we will conduct the research studies proposed and decided on during the Spring semester. This trip will include rigorous field work, individual and group projects, research reports and presentations—all with the backdrop of the forest.  This will be an exciting and intensive course that requires intellectual commitment to, and excitement for, studying tropical ecosystems.


The Application for the Extended study is here word document. It was already due, but please send to me if interested before registration. 

The cost breakdown per student is in the Colgate extended study website here, click the link on the bottom of the page.

2013 May 20 - June 11th

Costa Rica Extended Study 2010

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