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First Post

Hola! This time around it is Cat, Carrie, Emily, Sheila, Katie, and Maddy braving the Costa Rican jungle to provide you with awesome stories and cool pictures that you to enjoy from the comfort of your air-conditioned homes!  It is only day 6 with all of us here on station and we have been busy!  We arrived on Wednesday and hit the ground running.  Thursday we had a refresher on tree climbing in the arboretum (it’s like a well labeled tree garden).  Everyone got back into the swing of things and Maddy climbed her first tree!  The next day Carrie, Emily, and Maddy climbed one of our study Virolas and Cat, Katie, and Sheila climbed another.  That means we have data for 2 study trees!  Very exciting stuff people. We should finish these trees tomorrow and then be over a fifth of the way done already. 

Today was a bit of a hiccup in our progress though.  Cat and Katie reached the top of their tree only to realize that they were being kicked out by capuchin monkeys!  Sheila and Emily made it through a threatening rain cloud before howler monkey got too close for comfort and Carrie and Maddie managed to finish their tree just before another group of howlers kicked them out.  No one likes their ropes monkyed with, not even Emily.  It was a very unusual day.

In terms of other fun jungle things Katie and Maddy have already met the usual station residents, the chanchos (white collared peccaries aka smelly pigs), iguannas, howler monkeys, and the red-eyed tree frogs that live in the swamp.  Maddy, Emily, and Katie saw an uncomfortably large boa in one of the shade houses and everyone got to see a troupe of howlers cross the bridge that connects our station.  Emily was beaming and grateful for Carrie’s wake up call and we were all happy to see the monkeys when we were not hanging in a tree.  Sheila got up close and personal with a coati that followed her across the bridge and Emily got pooped on.  Cat is not so slowly, but surely teaching everyone plant identification and we should all be brilliant botanists by the time we go home.  

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