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Day 7


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We have officially been at La Selva for 7 full days and have finished measuring and sampling plants in 5 and a half study trees.  On Tuesday Sheila and Emily finished the tree they had been chased out of the day before by monkeys, while Cat, Maddy, Carrie and Katie finished a new tree.  On Wednesday Cat and Sheila finished half of the “wedding tree” where Cat and Eddie were married. While taking data in the tree Cat was pooped on by a bird (and it barely missed her mouth!) and Carrie, Katie, Maddy and Emily finished another tree.  After tomorrow we are hoping to have another 2 under our belts meaning that we will only have 3 study trees left and soil to collect.

The past 3 days have been very exciting animals days for the whole crew!  Sheila, Emily and Maddy ate lunch with a slaty tailed Troon on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Cat and Sheila decided to walk home through the swamp and Sheila spotted a large Caiman under the bridge as Cat was walking directly over it.  Sheila also spotted a parrot snake that slithered up a tree and ate a frog right out of a bromeliad!   Their excitement continued as they encountered a huge snapping turtle in their path, and they had to go off trail around it to get back to the lab. 

Since the swamp was so active during the day, Sheila, Emily, Katie and Maddy decided to go back to the swamp that night.  The swamp was buzzing with frog activity and as we were approaching the end of the swamp, Emily noticed eye shine and quickly asked the other girls if they saw it.  Initially Emily thought it was a Kinkajou but they quickly realized that it was an OCELOT!!! There was also another group out at the swamp and after everyone unsuccessfully snapped pictures of it, the ocelot went back into the forest.  However, they were still able to see its eye shine.  A couple minutes later, while everyone was taking pictures of frogs mating, the ocelot pounced into the swamp after its prey, which sent everyone scattering back to the lab.

Today, all of Sheila’s dreams came true…one of the other researchers on station came into our lab and told us that there was a mother sloth carrying her baby right outside the station library.  (This was Sheila’s version of the monkeys on the bridge for Emily) Sheila, Emily, Maddy and Katie frantically grabbed their rain gear and cameras and rushed to the tree.  The sloth’s were right at eye level!! Sheila immediately ran back to our cabina to grab her camera (Sheila does not run in the rainforest).  Everyone took a number of pictures of and with the sloths and videos of the sloth climbing down the tree to poop.  And as we speak Sheila is bagging the sloth poop for “science”!


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