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Linking Courses

In January, 2012, Colgate University sent 27 faculty from across the discipines to India with funding from the Mellon Foundation. This was an ambitious trip led by two India Scholars, Dr. Eliza Kent from the Religion Department, and Dr. Padma Kaimal, from the Art & Art History Department. The  trip was exhilerating academically ( Discussions among humanists-social scientists-natural scientists were invigorating. We (re-) discovered that perspectives across the disciples are very different. 

On that trip, a plan was hatched--to offer students different perspectives of similar material. We decided to link classes. Dr. Reinbold's CORE 152, Modernity, and Dr. Cardelús' Freshman Seminar: Global Change & YOU! These classes would both share a few texts and discuss similar issues related to India and particular points across the semester. Similarly, Dr. Kaimal's CORE India and Dr. Coopers CORE 151, Legacies of the Ancient World, would dicuss similar texts throughout the semester. To top it off, we decided to share some events, most notably a trip to Colgate Camp on Saranac Lake. 

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