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Department of Biology, Colgate University ccardelus'at'

Cardelús Field Crew 2011, La Selva Biologica Station, Costa Rica!

I am interested in one of ecology's fundamental questions: what are the patterns of biodiversity? As well as in one of today's most pressing questions: how will biodiversity respond to a changing environment? Most of my work has focused specifically on tropical forest canopies where I use multiple ecological approaches to better understand the factors that control species richness and distribution. I have conducted studies on microclimate, large scale regional and local floristic inventories, and species, community, ecosystem and phylogenetic-level processes. I am also working in the temperate zone where I study the effects of liming on plant productivity and soil processes. Recently I began working in Ethiopia in forest patches examining the effects of fragmentation on biodiversity, plant productivity, and soil processes. 

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Classic! Students working hard in Costa Rica! 

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